Aubrey Miles, 39

Aubrey Miles, March 16, 1978, is a Filipino television host, singer, model, and actress.

Yes this is in Japan. You know you're far away when this is your ride. Check out my IG stories ...
Certified tourist🏵
" We travel because we need to. Distance and differences are the secret to tonic creativity. When we get home, ...
I'm all about the foreground🌲🍂💐 Don't mind me haha
Another one for the books.
Good Morning Nikko, Japan. When we're in Japan we try to go far and explore outside the major cities. The ...
Definitely something you don't see everyday. Almost 800year old tree with a crack in the middle. It's like a cave ...
Kegon falls is one of the three major waterfall in Japan. Nikko Nat Park, Japan.
Once again we're here in Japan. On my first day, where do I go?
The Plant Store🌴🌿😍
Today is the day I've decided to take Amino Acid infusion. Why do we need AMINO ACID? Amino acids are ...
Congratulations @carpornracingmanila Your Car garage shop is the best of them all. Thank you for letting me crash your Ferrari ...
Check this out!
#repost @healthyfoodiemanila ●SLIM & FIT MENU | SEPTEMBER 25-29●

Sign up your 20 day diet challenge starting ...
Right beside my plant photos Lol 😜
To all the ladies out there. It's our time to shine. I believe ...
Omg! I want to live here and wake up to this everyday. When all you want to do in life ...
Rare kind. Wish me luck. I hope this pot works but I also have another set with a real pot. ...
I prepare for tomorrow's workout by improving today☝🏻
Upper Workout today at @anytimefitnessshaw Hydrating with my @gactiveph Thanks for today 😅
Tuesday workout with @mark_fitnesstrainer @anytimefitnessshaw @gactiveph water is all I need today
Keep reminding yourself this🙏🏼
I realized for me, it's not all about the trophy, Placing or a prize. It's about setting a goal and ...

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