KC Concepcion, 32

KC Concepción, April 7, 1985, born Maria Kristina Cassandra Cuneta Concepcion is a Filipina actress and singer who is currently a National Ambassador Against Hunger...

Little Churro hanging out with the big boys!!! 👣+🐾 || @alybor11 @churrosdiary
My go-to gourmet chocolate girl has done it again 😂🙌🏻 So happy to have my new stash of "Nutty Nutella" ...
Girls just wanna have sun 😻🍑☀️
Head, in it. Heart, set. 🍑⚡️
He woke up like this 😎 Time for a brush now my little baby! Good morning!!! 🖤@churrosdiary
With my dearest @iyalag 💕 As a kid living in Dasma, where trick or treating is taken seriously (lol), I ...
Would you love to come home to this? ♥️ Definitely one of my greatest pleasures in life - making my ...
⚡️🌹⚡️Coming in November.
Thanks to the CDL crew for coming over to shoot my part in the Filipino version of the United Nation's ...
Seeing your family talk, bond, laugh & smile? These are the lovely moments that money can't (always) buy. 💸😋 #kclovesfamily ...
Work hard, pajama hard. #kclovesfamily @danielcuneta @budingobachroxas @kennethroxas || Missed you @chef_chuckcuneta @cuneta.09
Love me a gorgeous 2012 #merlot, recommended by a sommelier from Bottega, Napa, handpicked by a friend who left this ...
Strip of wagyu, French beans in olive oil, roasted rosemary chicken, rice. I'm all about it. ♥️ LOVE these handcrafted ...
All this from @ckyap99 & @tessobenreyes just one day before my no-carb weekend?! Too tempting! 😅Means 100 squats & a ...
If you ever wonder what it feels like to be selling your fav shampoo at the grocery store... it's fun! ...
Can't stop me now 🦋
Thanks for the unexpected housewarming gift, @nespressophilippines! ♥️ Having #mynespressomoment at my favorite spot in the house- the "coffee corner" ...
Fresh from their Europe trip are my dear @frankbriones @reyrolle who came over to my place, first thing upon arrival! ...
m o o d
Hi, beautiful people! Did a little handle change on Twitter! Come to @itskcconcepcion! xx, K.

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