KC Concepcion, 32

KC Concepción, April 7, 1985, born Maria Kristina Cassandra Cuneta Concepcion is a Filipina actress and singer who is currently a National Ambassador Against Hunger...

Behind the scenes with @metrosocietyph 🎷👋🏼 || NOV 2017 @markednicdao @juansarte @pamquinones @qurator_studio @maitabaello @cathsobrevega @ethandavid_ @sweetestgeorgiapeach @alybor11
Reluctant as I was about this... Here’s a little surprise! We never know when this will EVER happen again! 😉 ...
Doesn’t “Sunday” go really well with this outfit?? 😋☕️🎷|| Catch me on the NEW issue of… https://t.co/3dByXXqHNd
Doesn’t “Sunday” go really well with this outfit?? 😋☕️🎷|| Catch me on the NEW issue of @metrosocietyph!
I would like to confirm that a booty shake happened after this shoot 🍑😝 || 📸: @markednicdao #comingsoon
Something’s coming this Monday 💣🙃
What’s been the most memorable moment of your 2017 so far?? @ Williamsburg, Brooklyn https://t.co/lEJHn04vkO
You‘ve got mail! 📬💋💋💋 @ New York, New York https://t.co/N8iQUKrAHS
I wanna feel my soul come alive ⛽️✌🏼@alybor11 || 📸: markednicdao https://t.co/Fv8Zye8sVF
Out to hunt for my breakfast. ❤️🐆 || 📸: @markednicdao
I wanna feel my soul come alive ⛽️✌🏼@alybor11 || 📸: @markednicdao
You‘ve got mail! 📬💋💋💋
Droppin a selfie like confetti 🎉 || 📸: @dantesantacruz
Para Mamang taxi isakay mo naman ako jan 😜👉🏼🚕
🌻💫🌹 Of coffee table books, lilies, roses & autumn mornings. @mega_magazine
I gotta admit that “teaching household chores” is FUN esp when you get the little siblings to move before/after a ...
🌈🌹 S M I L E 🌲💫
The three-bedroom unit of KC Concepcion is beautiful https://t.co/3HnG2teIub via @Pepalerts
Whenever Monday gets you down, try to get up & just do it. 🙌🏼 Next thing you know, you’ll break… ...
No I didn’t just walk on the MOON! 😂 I was just feeling super duper bloated so this sauna suit… ...

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